SlutWalk Utah

SlutWalk Poetry Open Mic Night

Wednesday, August 30th @ 7:30pm

Location: Curiosity

Our Mostly Fearless Leaders

Rachel Jensen


Rachel lives and breathes her advocacy. She strives to make SlutWalk better and better every year, despite all setbacks. She's a survivor and strong ally for all types of victims as well as education about SlutWalk's mission.

She's an expert aerialist who excels at the lyra hoop and all forms of athleticism. She enjoys baking, her cats, and flourishing after her divorce. 

Sam Mutchie

Communications and Press

Sam has been working with SlutWalk SLC since 2019 and, being a survivor herself, is deeply passionate about SlutWalk's mission and advocacy for social issues that extend beyond just support for survivors.

In her daily life, she enjoys a cold hefeweizen, all forms of memes, and embracing the void with obnoxious laughter.

Brikel Weeks

Community Engagement

Brikel has been with Slutwalk SLC since 2017. She is a survivor and and proud ally who loves Slutwalk because there is strength and healing when people come together to fight for the things they believe in.

Outside of advocacy, she enjoys playing roller derby, going to the movies, and being in the beautiful outdoors. 

Al Jones

Task Master

Al has been part of SlutWalk since 2017. He is a survivor of childhood SA that was suppressed until his 30s, and he is strongly passionate about fighting the whole victim blaming mentality that is rampant in our society, and especially our criminal justice system. He considers himself a jack of all trades as he can do a little bit of most everything. 

He is an accountant during the day but has a passion for photography as a hobby.